Wizly Visivo

Converting Data to Information

Effective Reporting is an integral part of most functions within an organization. The ability to present sophisticated reports requires not only accurate conversion of data into information but as well the presentation of the information in visually appealing formats.

Wizly Visivo integrates reporting not only across all Wizly modules but enables unified reporting across multiple systems. Wizly Visivo is an application agnostic solution and provides powerful reporting and Lightweight BI capabilities using external sources of data, enabling the user to easily create sophisticated reports.

Wizly Visivo is targeted at the end user of a business process, with its simplicity and ease of use. Report building is as easy as creating a reporting in Microsoft PowerPoint. Wizly Visivo Supports multiple use cases as under.

» Operational Reporting
» Strategic Reporting
» Risk Reporting
» Audit Reporting
» Management Reporting
» MIS Reporting
» Project Reporting

Wizly Visivo is based on the PRISE© Methodology, a best practice methodology for Strategy Execution. PRISE© integrates Processes, Risks, Initiatives and Strategy to ensure successful Strategy Execution.

Wizly Visivo is part of the Wizly PRISE© Product Suite, which provides a replicable roadmap to Strategy Execution, and takes us from the “What to the How”. It addresses the pitfalls of having different Management Frameworks run in silos, independent of each other and it provides a holistic view of all management information enabling better decisions.

Key Features

» Exception Based Reporting
» Summary & Drill Down Reports
» Multi-Dimensional Reporting
» Contextual Process Insights
» Lightweight BI Capabilities
» User Friendly Report Preparation
» Report across Performance, Processes, Risks, Operations etc.


» Identify & understanding of risks and opportunities
» Result & Insight Driven Reporting
» Combine Information across systems
» Drive better decisions to successfully execute Strategy
» Emphasize the link between financial and non-financial performance
» Showcase management strategy and policy, and business plans
» Benchmark performance internally & externally