Wizly Trova

Business Process Management with Wizly Trova

“Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline involving any combination of modeling, automation, execution, control, measurement and optimization of business activity flows, in support of enterprise goals, spanning systems, employees, customers and partners within and beyond the enterprise boundaries.”
– Nathaniel Palmer (bpm.com)

Wizly Trova, the low code BPM solution which ensures rapid and visual application development and provides out of the box “Management Insights”, integrating low code process design, process execution, process mining and powerful analytic reporting.

Why Low Code Matters

Low Code BPM

» Build Business Applications Quickly & Cost Effectively
» Only Requires Entry Level IT Skillsets
» Can work with basic understanding of business logic
» Create and Deploy Processes in under an hour
» Shorter Prototype to Deployment and Feedback Cycles
» Minimal Training Requirements for Administrators and End users

Traditional BPM

» Larger Investment to Initialize and Maintain the Application
» Long Build Cycle to Deploy Business Applications
» Often needs specialized IT Skillsets
» Need to understand specific application
» Need to plan process deployment and undergo long testing cycles
» Detailed Training required for Administrators & End Users

Besides the ease of use of a low code BPM solution, Wizly Trova aims to provide a contextual “Management Cockpit” to each user. Wizly Trova is targeted at the end user of a business process, with its simplicity and ease of use and supports multiple use cases as under.

» Document Management
» Automation of Manual Processes
» Management of Content Across the Enterprise
» Search & Retrieval Content
» Formalizing Process Approvals
» Enforcing Process Compliance
» Managing Audits

Wizly Trova provides insight and knowledge to the business analyst and to IT services, who wishes to rapidly deploy scalable processes. Finally, this solution provides management insights to each manager who is responsible for their respective processes.

Wizly Trova is based on the PRISE© Methodology, a best practice methodology for Strategy Execution. PRISE© integrates Processes, Risks, Initiatives and Strategy to ensure successful Strategy Execution.

Wizly Trova is part of the Wizly PRISE© Product Suite, which provides a replicable roadmap to Strategy Execution, and takes us from the “What to the How”. It addresses the pitfalls of having different Management Frameworks run in silos, independent of each other and it provides a holistic view of all management information enabling better decisions.

Key Features

» Low Code BPM
» Document & Forms Workflow
» Automatic Document & Form Versioning
» Visual Workflow
» Import Baseline or other data from Excel
» Integrate with other Systems
» Contextual Process Insights


» Automate Manual Processes
» Build Business Applications Quickly & Cost Effectively
» Create and Deploy Executable Business Processes Rapidly
» Shorter Prototype to Deployment and Feedback Cycles
» Minimal Training Requirements for Administrators and End users
» Efficiently Manage the Document Ecosystem
» Create Process Transparency & Ensure Process Compliance