Wizly Insights

Informed Decisions with Wizly Insights

Today, management has many demands on the managers as well as on business and process analysts. Interpretation of business data and trends are critical success factors for an organization to remain competitive. However, not all managers understand the available analytical methods, and may use incorrect approaches in analyzing the information, which results in incorrect decisions. This becomes costly and time inefficient. Very often, key learnings are not readily visible from standard organization reports.

Wizly Insights utilizes AI and Machine learning, to provide the management an accurate and deep understanding of the management information through easy to use analytics. It combines quantitative and semantic analysis, to support quality decisions. Wizly Insights is targeted at the everyday manager, providing contextual analytics to the displayed information through easy to use Wizards.

Wizly Insights incorporates a powerful graph database, relates relevant data, acting as a management cockpit & and a unified repository for information and analytics. Wizly Insights supports multiple use cases as under.

» Digital Transformation
» Evaluation of the Technology Landscape
» Technology Portfolio Optimization
» Evaluation of GDPR Compliance
» Strategic Impact Analysis
» Initiative Management
» Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence Initiatives
» Budget Spend Analytics
» Procurement Analytics

Wizly Insights is based on the PRISE© Methodology, a best practice methodology for Strategy Execution. PRISE© integrates Processes, Risks, Initiatives and Strategy to ensure successful Strategy Execution.

Wizly Insights is part of the Wizly PRISE© Product Suite, which provides a replicable roadmap to Strategy Execution, and takes us from the “What to the How”. It addresses the pitfalls of having different Management Frameworks run in silos, independent of each other and it provides a holistic view of all management information enabling better decisions.

Key Features

» In-built Methodologies
» Wizard Driven Analytics
» Import Data from multiple systems
» Inbuilt Graph Database
» Automatic Discovery of Key Relationships


» Provides Quantitative & Qualitative Insights
» Leverage Semantics Trapped in other Tools and Databases
» Relate Subjective & Objective Attributes
» Draw Clear & Targeted Conclusions
» Solve Business Issues & Uncover Hidden Opportunities
» Quick and Cost-Efficient Analytic Results