Solutions Overview

Wizly has a solution for you
The Wizly Solutions Wizard helps you choose the right solution based on your current challenges. The solutions enable you to acheive your goals and streamline your processes. Wizly Performance helps you focus on goals. Wizly Process & Wizly Trova helps you run by process and using Wizly Trova you can build the required systems based on the business needs.

Focus on Goals

By Making sure every action is aligned with the organization goal

Run by Processes

By making sure that everything is done by following the process defined

Rely upon Systems

By making sure that everything is recorded digitally with compliance

Choose your current Challenge Level

Level 1 : Completely Manual, no visiblity on who is doing what and how, no way to check the process compliance and risk management
Level 2 : Have Process Documented on paper but not transferred digitally and not accessible to all the employees
Level 3 : Have systems running few processes but not documented or validated  
Level 4 : Have multiple systems running different processes but no clarity on overall process as an organization & no strategy defined
Level 5 : Have processes and strategy defined but not digitally available to track progress and improvement

Wizly Performance – Helps you Focus on Goals

  • Create a Performance Model with key performance indicators
  • Create Scorecard’s reporting dashboards
  • Create BI dashboards for analytical data from existing systems
  • Streamline Performance reviews with workflows
Wizly P

Wizly Process & Trova – Helps you Run by Processes

  • Document organization wide processes digitaly in process model
  • Create Forms and Workflows to execute processes in Trova app
  • Monitor Process executions using Process insights
  • Get Insights on existing systems using process insights

Wizly Trova – Helps you Rely upon Systems

  • Create Trova Apps based on the operations scope, ex:
    • Employee Self Service App related to HR & Finance Processes,
    • Procurement Portal related to Purchase Authorization processes,
    • Risk & Audit Management related to compliance processes
  • Create Trova Apps for Document Management
  • Create Trova Apps for External Facing Processes with advanced analytics, ex:
    • Enquiry Forms,
    • Customer complaint form,
    • Appointment booking form
  • Create Trova Apps for Surveys