About Us

Enabling Management Insights

About Us

Wizly Corporation© is an Information Technology Solutions Company providing a Solution Suite of Effective Operational and Decision Support Software Solutions to organizations across the globe.

The Wizly Suite of Solutions empowers organizational management teams to effectively managing their day to day decision support processes, with powerful insights into their business. The team at Wizly© is passionate about developing solutions which are innovative and progressive and providing insights into an organizations’ performance.

Our Vision is to be a Global Information Technology Solutions Company, providing innovative and adaptable software solutions, enabling informed decisions across organizations. Our Mission is to passionately work towards solutions which “Enable Management Insights”. Our solutions are designed towards easing the challenges faced by management teams across the globe and enabling better and informed decisions.

Wizly uses Microsoft Technologies such as .NET and SQL Server and runs exclusively on Windows Servers. Wizly has the ability to connect into Microsoft Azure AI to enhance the built in Wizly semantic engine with Microsoft’s Text Analytics and Language Understanding. Wizly uses proprietary analytics with machine-learning capabilities to enable Insights that supports an intuitive decision-making process. It combines Quantitative and Semantic Analytics as well as powerful Graph Database capabilities across all its products. Wizly Solutions are available as an on-premise as well as on cloud enabling customers can utilize Azure to achieve a cost-effective solution.