Initiative Management

Wizly Initiative Management Solution

Wizly Initiative Management

Strategic Initiatives are Actionable Projects, that are essential for an Organization to successfully execute its Strategy. Strategic Initiatives are related to Strategic Objectives, which are of significant importance to the whole Organization.

It is therefore, no surprise that Strategic Initiatives are allocated a large part of an Organization’s Budget.

The selection of Strategic Initiatives should be based on a robust selection mechanism to ensure the efficient utilization of funds. Further, for the Organization to reap the full benefit, the initiatives should be cascaded into multiple projects which are regularly Reviewed and managed for Risks.

Wizly Capabilities

Initiative Selection within Wizly is guided using Wizards which are powered by AI and Machine Learning, to highlight all possible aspects of the Initiatives, and ensure that their selection is based on solid insights.

Initiatives can be rated independently across a number of attributes, which are then converted into a composite rank for each initiative using machine learning. Multiple stakeholders can carry out the ratings and these individual rankings can be further collated automatically to remove bias.

Performance of selected Initiatives can be tracked across their life cycle and they can as well be logically grouped to create portfolios, which can be managed collectively..

In addition, by using Wizly Insights, management can explore the linkages and the impact of selected initiatives on other elements of the Organizational DNA. Initiative performance can also be tracked along with the related Risk Performance.


» Collate Initiative Suggestions
» Multidimensional Evaluation Criteria
» Enables Initiative Evaluation
» Robust Initiative Selection
» Align Initiative to Strategy
» Align Risks to Initiatives
» Track Initiative Budgets
» Evaluate Initiative Performance