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Wizly Document Management

Every organization generates and interacts with a large number of documents as part of its daily operations. These could be expense claims, contracts, invoices, purchase orders as well as documents related to employees themselves, such as employee contracts, employee identification documents etc. Employees spend a large part of their workday retrieving, interacting with, and managing these documents.

The Wizly Document Management Solution enables electronic filing of documents, and easy and efficient retrieval and management of the document ecosystem.

The Wizly Document Management Solution is based on the PRISE© Methodology and provides a roadmap for the successful execution of an Organization’s Strategy. PRISE© integrates Processes, Risks, Initiatives and Strategy to ensure successful Strategy Execution.

The methodology provides a replicable roadmap to Strategy Execution and takes us from the “What to the How”. It addresses the pitfalls of having different Management Frameworks run in silos, independent of each other and it provides a holistic view of all management information enabling better decisions.

Wizly Capabilities

The Wizly Document Management Solution allows for the quick and easy setup of the required metadata structure which is used to catalog documents. Metadata may, for example, include the department related to the document, the user who created it, the project related to the document etc.

The metadata is indexed automatically for rapid document search and retrieval. With every change to the document, the version history of the metadata, as well as the document version is stored. The documents can be then published as part of the other Wizly products, such as against the process maps in Wizly Process, or linked as evidence to a KPI in Wizly Performance.


» Reduce Paper documents
» Store documents in an electronic format
» Organize the documents efficiently with metadata
» Secure document access and modification
» Quickly and efficiently document retreival
» Automatically manage document versions
» Automate document approvals using workflow

Wizly Products

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