Digital Business Transformation


Digital Business Transformation

Digital Business Transformation is the process of exploiting digital technologies and supporting capabilities to create a robust new digital business model. Gartner

The Digital Enterprise is one that is Configured to Deliver Maximum Strategic & Operational Value from Established and Emergent Technologies and Associated Shifts in Customer Behavior and Competitive Landscape.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, every organization needs to embark on the journey to transforming itself into a Digital Business.

Wizly Capabilities

Wizly Digital Business Transformation Solution allows Organizations to embark on their digital journey, by documenting the Decision Landscape and the alignment of the relevant Management Solution which support these decisions.

The Decision Landscape and the relevant Management Solution are broadly categorized as below:
Operational Management: Decisions are made based on Structured data and are supported by Transaction Processing Solutions.
Tactical Management: Decisions are made based on Semi-Structured data and are supported by Management Information Solutions.
Strategic Management: Decisions are made on Unstructured data using Decision Support Solutions.

Wizly Solutions enables decision makers to efficiently organize data and make informed judgments.

By using Wizly Insights, management can explore the Organizational DNA, allowing an understanding of cause and effect relations, and correlation between the Decision Structures, and different elements of the organization such as Objectives and Initiatives, to carry out Strategic Impact Analysis.


» Plan Digital Business Transformation
» Analyze the Organizational DNA
» View Disjoints between Organizational Elements
» Leverage Hidden Relationships
» Review Existing Technologies
» Select Emergent Technologies
» Drive Customer Delight

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