Wizly Strategy Execution Solution

Strategy Execution

Research published in The Harvard Business Review states, “Companies realize only 40-to-60 percent of their strategies' potential value”. Successful leaders know these numbers and understand it takes much more than a great strategy, to build a great organization.

Execution of Strategy and adaption of the same to changing market conditions is a key towards realizing the potential of the successful execution of an Organization’s Strategy.

Wizly’s Strategy Execution solution based on PRISE© Methodology provides a roadmap for the successful execution of an Organization’s Strategy. The solution takes away the complexities of Strategy Execution and eases the communication within the Organization

Wizly Capabilities

The Wizly Strategy Management Solution encompasses all the building blocks for successful Strategy Execution.

From selecting the Vision and Mission, to defining the Corporate Strategy, cascading the Strategy to the divisions and departments, and aligning the same, the Wizly Strategy Management Solution seamlessly supports the entire process.

The solution offers flexibility to adopt standard management frameworks, such as Balanced Scorecards, EFQM, Business Model Canvas etc. or create and deploy the organization's own custom Strategy Execution Framework.

In addition, by using Wizly Insights, management can explore the Organizational DNA, allowing an understanding of cause and effect relations, and correlation between different elements of the organization such as Objectives and Initiatives, to carry out Strategic Impact Analysis.