Wizly Risk Management Solution

Wizly Risk Management

Organizations encounter Risk each day as they pursue their Strategic Objectives and must decide the level of acceptable Risk, in pursuing these Objectives.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Decision Making are not isolated from Strategy, Planning, or day-to-day Decision Making. ERM is an integral part of an Organization’s culture along with the process of decision making in order to attain Organizational Objectives.

Regulators and other Governing bodies are also calling for better descriptions of Organization's Risk Management Processes. Legislation such as GDPR, have underscored the importance of having good Risk Management Processes in place.
The Wizly Risk Management Solution provides a roadmap for successful Risk Management.

Wizly Capabilities

Designing Risk Management without defining your risk appetite is like designing a bridge without knowing which river it needs to span. The Wizly Risk Management Solution encompasses all the building blocks for successful ERM execution.

It ensures that Risk Management is reflective of the Organizational Strategy, including Organizational Objectives, Business Plans, and Stakeholder expectations. It aligns Risk Management to all key aspects of the business, while considering the skills, resources and technology required to manage and monitor risk exposures in the context of risk appetite.

In addition, by using Wizly Insights, management can explore the Organizational DNA, allowing an understanding of cause and effect relations, and correlation between the Risks, and different elements of the Organization such as Objectives and Initiatives, to carry out Strategic Impact Analysis.