Wizly Process Management Solution

Wizly Process Management

Organizations interact with Internal and External Stakeholders through its processes. The smooth functioning of established processes is critical for an Organization to function efficiently.

Organizational processes are either manual or automated and executed using software applications depending on the maturity level of an organization.

In all cases Process Management is crucial function within an Organization as it ensures that processes are aligned with the organization's strategic goals, are measured effectively and are communicated across the organization.

Wizly Capabilities

Wizly Process Management Solution ensures all dimensions of the processes are captured, starting with the activities and their sequence. Roles and Responsibilities incorporating concepts such as the RACI Matrix are as well included.

The solution ensures alignment with Organization's systems and ensures Risks and Controls related to the process are identified and available.

In addition, by using Wizly Insights, management can explore the Organizational DNA, allowing an understanding of cause and effect relations, and correlation between the Processes, and different elements of the organization such as Objectives and Initiatives, to carry out Strategic Impact Analysis.