Wizly Personal Performance Management Solution

Wizly Personal Performance Management

As Strategic Objectives are cascaded through the organization, these need to be aligned with the Defined Performance Goals of Individual Employees.

The alignment will ensure that each employee has a clear understanding on how they contribute to the achievement the overall Strategic Objectives.

Aligning Compensation to Performance will ensure that employees are motivated to meet their defined performance goals. Wizly Personal Performance Management Solution ensures full support for the entire People Performance Management Cycle

Wizly Capabilities

Wizly Personal Performance Management Solution ensures that the Employees Defined Performance Goals are aligned to the Organizational and Departmental Objectives.

Employees and Management have full visibility to an individual's Achievement against the Defined Goals, providing managers the ability to provide feedback to the employees and to align their efforts in order to improve performance.

Performance commentary can be semantically analyzed across logical groups of employees, to understand if improvement initiatives or training needs are required to be carried out, to positively impact the performance and thereby achievement of the Organizational Objective.